Croissants are a fashionable semi-sweet or savoury alternative to the sandwich for light meals or quick snacks, delicious when stuffed with cheese and salad vegetables.

About Croissants

Croissants are a buttery, flaky, puff pastry where the pastry has been partially raised by yeast to create an effect that is half way between a true pastry and a bread. The manufacture of a croissant is fairly labour intensive and commercial croissants from supermarkets are often just a shaped bread roll.

If you've ever tasted a real croissant home made or from a baker you'll know the difference.


The croissant in the form that we know it originated in France in the 19th century as an adaptation of the Austrian kipferl which is claimed to have its distinctive shape in honour of various different historical events. The kipferl is a true bread and not a pastry so these fanciful tales have little relevance.


Two parts of flour are mixed with one part of milk together with with sugar, egg, yeast et. See our recipe page for details. The dough is rolled out with a layer of butter and folded several times with raising between times. Finally it is formed into the familiar crescent shape and baked.

Auckland based gourmet baker, Tessa Clement of Sweet Expectations has kindly given us a Croissants recipe that explains this far better..

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